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Helping UCR Staff Stay Informed, Involved, Connected and Recognized

UCR Staff Assembly is an association of employees dedicated to promoting the interests and welfare of all UCR staff. It seeks to inform, involve, connect and recognize staff in one of the fastest growing campuses in the UC system.

Who is in Staff Assembly?

All UCR career staff employees are members of the organization and are invited to participate in all Staff Assembly events.

society 54 logoJoin Society '54!!!!

Are you able and willing to donate $54 over the course of one year to support the activities and programs of UCR Staff Assembly that benefit you and your fellow staff members? If so, then join Society '54.

Society '54 is made up of staff members like you who have chosen to give back and help their peers. All donations go to support UCR Staff Assembly's scholarship, assistance and general programs that benefit staff members in their times of greatest need, including assistance in purchasing food and gas during unexpected financial emergencies. Scholarships are also awarded to help staff members working to improve their skills, covering classes, books, certification tests and the like. Your contribution will make a big difference.

The majority of Society '54 members support Society '54 via automatic payroll deduction of just $4.50 per month. Donations by cash or check are also accepted. For more information, contact Elizabeth Carrasco.

Getting Involved with Staff Assembly

Want to do more? Serve on a committee or volunteer at an event? Or perhaps become a Staff Assembly Ambassador? There are plenty of ways you can get involved.

Staff Assembly Scholarships

Staff Assembly offers Degree Attainment Scholarships and Professional Development Scholarships to career staff employees.

Awards and Recognition Programs

Staff Assembly works to recognize and award the achievements of our staff members through a series of programs, including the Get Recognized Peer Recognition Program, the annual Outstanding Staff Awards, and the quarterly Service Awards.

Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter

Staff Assembly is on social media! Become a fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep abreast of everything happening with UCR Staff Assembly.

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Staff Assembly

UCR Staff Assembly
Athletics & Dance Building, Room 6
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Campus Mailing Address:
President Andy Plumley
Housing Administration