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Mission Statement and Bylaws

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Mission Statement

The purpose of this Staff Assembly shall be to enhance the functioning of the University of California, Riverside, by promoting the interests and welfare of all staff career employees as allowed by law and, in cooperation or coordination with the Office of the Chancellor, to provide support of the mission of the University of California, Riverside.


  • The vision of Staff Assembly is that staff may continually be challenged to stay informed, involved, connected and recognized, both internally to UCR and system-wide, as one of the most diverse, fastest growing, and, thus, impactful campuses in the UC system and state.
  • Staff Assembly values: staff volunteerism, advocacy, shared governance, diversity, equality, partnership, ethical and responsible stewardship, accountability and transparency, and sustainability and excellence in the organization's operations, programs, and services.
  • UCR Staff Assembly holds quarterly meetings, during which we collaborate with Human Resources and the Office of the Chancellor to recognize the service credit milestones UCR employees. All career staff employees are members and are invited to attend all Staff Assembly events. We also hold large social events, and informal social gatherings.
  • The continuing Staff Assembly theme of Many Talents - One Mission reflects the challenge of staying involved, informed and connected as we continue to be one of the fastest growing campuses in the UC system.
  • The UCR Staff Assembly frequently speaks with the staff voice on important issues of our campus.

Annual Goals

  • Increase the visibility and presence of Staff Assembly through more frequent meetings with upper administration and presentations to relevant meetings.
  • Secure commitments from senior management and department heads to provide release time to significantly increase attendance at all staff assembly events.
  • Increase the support of staff assembly through additional volunteers, volunteer hours, staff payroll deduction and donations.
  • Refocus Staff Assembly finances so that successful events impact the largest number of staff members in the most exciting ways.
  • Improve communication to staff in all areas of the university through targeted marketing programs and intentional conversations with department heads.
  • Increase fundraising through a multitude of avenues so that Staff Assembly can begin to move towards becoming a self-sustaining organization.
  • Connect with other campus staff assemblies to discuss best practices and learn about new programs and activities.

Staff Assembly Bylaws

Want to learn how the UCR Staff Assembly works and the bylaws that it follows? Download our 11-page Staff Assembly Bylaws PDF.

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