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2017-18 Honorees

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September No award presented  
October Charlie Vergara  Facility Services
November Carmen Stark

 Early Childhood Services

December Ana Coria

 Undocumented Student Programs

January TBD


February TBD


March TBD


April TBD  


June TBD  

2016-17 Honorees

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September Daisy Dizon Resident Contracts Supervisor for Housing Services.
October Charlie Scruggs  
November Theresa Villareal


December Gerry Medina, Carly Garcia and Ed E-Nun


January Emily McCoy


February Jeanette Martinez


March Willie Blackmon


April TBD  


June No award presented  

2014-15 Honorees

September No award presented  
October Dorothea Ford Financial Service Analyst, Business and Financial Services

"Dorthea goes beyond her regular duties to assist the Travel Desk and Accounts Payables to insure payments are being processed in a timely manner. She is a great team player that maintains a professional behavior, good attitude in the mist of stressful situations. She works diligently at approving iTravel and Epay transaction, most often arriving early in the morning to do her regular task so that she is available to help others during the day. With grateful hearts and appreciation, we thank Dorthea Ford today for her contributions to the UCR Staff Assembly!""

Submitted by Vicki Gonzalez from Business and Financial Services

November Ofelia Herrera

Sr. Custodian assigned to the School of Medicine Ed Bldg.

Ofelia takes great care and shows tremendous professional pride in making our entire building sparkle. Ofelia details her cleaning on all three floors beyond normal duties by dusting and polishing office spaces, shelving, corners and other places that normally don't get addressed. The floors have never looked better and her daily efforts to clean and stock items have made a visible and positive difference in our building. Ofelia also possesses an extremely positive attitude and friendly personality, greeting everyone in the hallways with a hello and a wonderful smile to brighten up everyone's day.

December Yolanda Gonzales

 Sr. Food Service Worker, Dining Services

Yolanda is always welcoming and has great attitude toward her customers. She always gone above and beyond to help navigate not only her menu, but even the menu's at other campus restaurants, letting her customers know what other places offer. Yolanda in general always takes the time to make a connection with her customers and because of this makes the usual lunchers feel welcome!

January Elidia Sandoval

Sr. Custodian Housing Services, Housing Services

On a daily basis, Elidia has to clean windows, vacuum, pick up trash, and even rearrange furniture that our students move around. As taxing as that work sounds, Elidia consistently shows up with a smile on her face and a hug to give to students and staff members alike. Residents in the community know Elidia by name and do not take her for granted. Residents and staff members alike have noted how much they appreciate the work and even recognized her for it whether with thank you cards or hand written notes. When Elidia is not working, it's noticeable and there's an obvious void that only she can fill on the team. 

February Ariel DeGuzman

 Medical Education Coordinator

This morning as my husband and I were walking onto campus from lot 10, we witnessed an undergrad fall off of his scooter between the library and SOM Education Bldg. My husband helped him up and asked me to get a first aid kit. I entered the SOM Education Bldg and asked for a first Aid kit. Ariel came out of his office with a first aid kit and without hesitation, walked right out side to the student who was sitting at a bench by the large statue by the library. Ariel is a trained EMT. He attended to the student, helping him clean his skinned knee, applying antibiotics, and bandaging him up. He is definitely a reminder that with a large campus, we still provide a small home like feel.

March Kasey Trimm

Teacher, Child Development Center

Mrs. Timm motivates others to pursue a higher degree. As a result, a coworker has earned her B.A. in Early Childhood Studies in 2013 and an M.A. in Education with a Specialization in Early Childhood Studies. She supported the individual throughout the years as a mentor. 

April No award presented  
May Teeny Ellis

Senior Contract & Grant Officer from RED

There are many examples for which Teeny Ellis went above and beyond her regularly assigned duties. She helps me with (pretty much) all of my C&G questions and concerns, with great patience and understanding. Her skills do not end there; Teeny Ellis loves people, works hard, and always tries to lift the spirits of those around her.

June No award presented  

2014-15 Honorees

September Bryan Nicol Accountability Coordinator/ Analyst - Early Academic Outreach Programs

“After being without a data analyst for our program for over a year, having Bryan on our staff has truly been a godsend. As a college access program, data is critical in the work we do! Bryan has gone out of his way to find new ways to use the data we have to better inform our practice and make recommendations for new policies and programs to benefit our students and their families.Additionally, when Bryan finds a need in our department he will find a way to get it done even when it has nothing to do with his assigned job duties. His commitment to our team is greatly appreciated.Since his first day with us in February of this year, he has hit the ground running and his work is key to the success of our program. We can't imagine a day when our program functioned without him.”
Submitted by Liz Canales, Regional Coordinator, Early Academic Outreach Programs

October Blythe Wilson Senior Project Manager - Capital Programs, Architects and Engineers

"Blythe was asked to help out as the second project manager on the job, Glen Mor 2 due to the size and tight schedule of which he gladly stepped up to the plate. He had quite a few projects already but proved as time went on that he could do all that was asked of him and even more than expected of him.
Glen Mor 2, is the largest project the campus has ever built before, Blythe managed to devote as much time to the contractor as possible to get the job completed on time and ready to open by the fall of 2014! He worked long hours managing all the RFI's, issuing Field Orders, and much more including walking all issues in the field. A 22-acre site with eight different buildings and a parking structure adds to lots of ground covering even with temps at 108 degrees on many days. He pushed to get answers or whatever it took to get the job completed. He worked fairly between what the end user required and what the contractor was to supply so that in the end all would be happy with the finished project. Some may say that is his job description and maybe most of that is in his job description but how many people can bring everyone together and complete that big of a job in that little of time? I'll tell you. His name is Blythe Wilson and he strived to make things happen as fairly as possible without compromising the delivery of a promise!"
Submitted by Catherine Crouch, Senior Construction Inspector, Capital Programs, Architects and Engineers

November John Maxwell Assistant Athletics Director, Media Relations - Intercollegiate Athletics

"The job of a director of athletics media relations at a Division I university is not well understood by those outside the field. The job requires working long hours, both during the "regular" work day and on nights and weekends when colleagues are home with their families. Twelve-to-15 hour days and 60-to-80 hour weeks are not uncommon during the school year. And when the game is over and everyone else gets to go home, the media relations director goes to work, writing a post-game story, posting statistics, editing video, updating web sites and notes.
John Maxwell has been at UCR for about seven years, and in that time he has elevated the Athletics Media Relations Office to levels not previously seen, all to promote the efforts of the student-athletes who wear the UCR blue and gold. The UCR AMR Office is the smallest in the Big West Conference, with just two people doing the work that is done by three, four or five people at sister universities. It is also among the lowest funded, meaning that John frequently has to find ways to get things done without spending resources he doesn't have.
With several colleagues departing the athletics department in recent months, John has been asked to take on "other duties as assigned," including a supervisory role overseeing ticketing and the marketing departments. He has tried to build on the in-game experience for our fans at volleyball and basketball games, creating a fun and festive atmosphere. At the same time, he has been working to find a replacement for his departing assistant, Lauren Kane, who is leaving the university in November after seven years.
And all this while not shirking the responsibilities of his "primary" job, meeting the requirements of NCAA and Big West Conference and the demands of the media and families and friends of UCR student-athletes.
John would tell you that he isn't doing anything special - that he is just stepping up when he was needed.
In addition to his regular job requirements, John has stepped up following the departure of several colleagues and is filling supervisory roles overseeing ticketing and marketing, including in game marketing. He is working hand-in-hand with interim AD Janet Lucas to help stabilize the department following the resignation of the athletics director. He is serving on hiring committees to fill the aforementioned vacated positions and working to find an assistant to replace his own assistant. He was able to recruit and hire the position in just six weeks."
Submitted by Ross French, UCR School of Medicine

December Wendy Mello Administrative Assistant - College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

"Wendy has worked very hard to stay afloat although she is the only assistant in a unit overlooking three departments. This particular unit requires three assistants for daily workflow and operations, however she is the only assistant at the moment while the department hires a new FAO. Temporary help has been brought on however, she has managed to stay composed and maintained the same work integrity she’s known for.
Wendy had numerous travel, reimbursements and miscellaneous requests that are her everyday duties however, with all the back to school events and short staff, she volunteered to help with all these events and still stay on top of her own work."
Submitted by Nancy Marr, College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

January Katrice Calloway Budget and Operations Manager - College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Dean's Office

"I am sure you are all aware of how much our campus has grown in the past few years. Well, that is the same for our department. While our college has had a large number of departments cluster for one reason or another, Katrice has taken on the responsibilities of those areas and worked hard to maintain a professional atmosphere within our immediate department as well as the other departments within our college. We have been delegated the extra work with no complaints, helped maintain a positive environment, and completed all extra tasks by or before their deadline. Katrice has helped to make sure we all have a clear understanding of our responsibilities and that communication is key to our department’s daily activities.
Katrice is able to handle her work load and go to school (outside of work) while maintaining an excellent GPA. No matter how many times she is interrupted during any given day, Katrice always has a smile on her face and an "I can do it" attitude. I am proud and honored to have her as my supervisor and I am thankful that I have the opportunity to learn from her and be mentored by her. I ask you to please consider her for the next "Get Recognized" award!! It is an honor to work for such an outstanding and awesome person/department on campus.
There was a department within our collage without an MSO. Katrice was able to take on the temporary management of that department and use her staff (us) to make sure that transacting and payroll was handled until they were able to hire someone. She also assigned her staff (us) to train temp employees filling in until those positions are filled with permanent staff. Again, Katrice has an extremely full load and always takes on more without complaints and continues to smile with a positive attitude. "
Submitted by Dara Cerda, Budget and Operations Assistant, CHASS Dean's Office

February Jolene Sedita Articulation and Admissions Officer Undergraduate Admissions

"Over the last 6 months, Jolene has not only completed her duties as Transfer Admissions Counselor/Articulation Officer, but has also overseen the onboarding of three new counselors, began the implementation screening for the new student data system, and provided leadership in the absence of the unit's assistant director. Further, Jolene is looked to by other admissions units for troubleshooting difficult evaluation issues, and is the key player in the overall course articulation process at UCR. In addition to accomplishing her assigned duties and tasks, Jolene has continually made herself available to assist her colleagues by answering questions and verifying that applications are being evaluated accurately. Without question, the success of the Transfer Services Unit hinges on the caliber of professionalism and work ethic embodied in Jolene. Specifically, Jolene was able to give significant attention to the training of a new admissions counselor, while maintaining her other duties and responsibilities, namely, her ongoing participation in the Banner implementation preparation. Jolene diligently oversaw the onboarding of the new admissions counselor, covering SIS training, UC Review protocol/processes, and key articulation topics. In spite of having to attend numerous Banner meetings during the first several weeks of the new hire’s time at UCR, she succeeded in ensuring that the new admissions counselor was made to feel welcomed and was equipped with the tools to be successful in his new role."
Submitted by Timothy Hawley, Transfer Admissions Counselor, Undergraduate Admissions

March Cristina Sanford Marketing Manager, UCR Extension

"This Get Recognized entry is to proudly showcase Cristina Sanford’s time and commitment to the UCR Staff Assembly and all UCR staff. Each quarter at the UCR Staff Assembly General Meetings, Staff Service Awards are presented in five-year increments. In addition to each individual’s recognition, each person receives a beautiful gift certificate from UCR Extension. For the last eight years, Cristina has gone above and beyond to provide the UCR Service Award Recipients with these special gift certificates that allows them to take UCR Extension courses as a thank you for their dedication to UCR. Quietly, consistently and behind the scenes, she has been responsible for the printing of hundreds and hundreds of Extension gift certificates for the hard working UCR staff receiving Service Awards. With Cristina’s support each quarter, the staff of UCR are able to further their education, enrich their lives, and contribute to the UCR community, and feel rewarded!
With grateful hearts and appreciation, we thank Cristina Sanford today for her contributions to the UCR Staff Assembly!"
Submitted by Eleni Mastarokos and Jennifer Campbell of UCR Extension and the UCRSA Board.

April No award presented  

2013-14 Honorees

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September Sheila Mabee Business Operations Assistant - School of Medicine

“Sheila exhibits the ultimate example of customer service in her dealings with faculty, staff and students. She has proven to be an expert in the area of purchasing and travel coordination and reimbursement, often times saving the university several thousand dollars. She is efficient, effective, and she takes the time to do things right, and do it quickly. She does this all with a smile, and without being asked. She is driven to provide great service, and is a valuable asset.”
Submitted by Mela Fezzey, director of Business Operations, School of Medicine

October Patsi Anderson Assistant Director of Systems - Financial Aid

“Patsi is truly an amazing person. She shows care and dedication in everything that she does, and does so with an immense work load on a regular basis. One recent example that comes to mind is our Fall 2013 Fee payment deadline when students needed to have their Fall educational fees paid or risk having their classes dropped. We had more than a thousand students with Direct Loans during Summer Quarter, where students had accepted their loans for the Summer, but the loans did not disburse for various reasons (i.e. not enrolled in enough units, did not complete all requirements, etc.). This caused an error and would not pay the Fall amounts until the Summer records were corrected. She quickly asked for a report to identify the affected students, whose loans were needing to also disburse for the Fall quarter, so that the loans would be available to pay Fall fees on 9/16/2013. She had devised a plan of action for correcting these records in the Banner Financial Aid system, with the help of Computing as well as Financial Aid staff and myself in EMS.

There were many challenges that arose during this process, but through it all, she stayed on top of every student's record, and worked tirelessly to make sure that students were not negatively affected because of this issue. The students may never know the amount of work that went into making their Fall fee payment deadline go smoothly, and helped maintain their classes, but Patsi does this type of work on a regular basis. She shows care for every student so that they can be successful while at UCR. I'm proud to have known and worked with her for more than 10 years and countless students have benefited from Patsi's dedication to excellence in providing students the ultimate service from Financial Aid.
Submitted by Hak Lee, Enrollment Management Systems

November Vincent Norga Academic Intervention Counselor, Academic Resource Center

“Vincent Norga is a supervisor who treats his workers with dignity and respect. He has made our jobs easier by implementing new ideas and eliminating paper work by developing a slew of new online forms to streamline the job duties of his unit.. He has the vision creativity to make our jobs easier. He really goes beyond his job description to help us and help students in a very significant way. In addition to the training he coordinates for almost 200 of our student employees here at the ARC, Vincent also has initiated a program called Commuter Connect and it's targeted at commuters but works for any student at UCR. It allows them to get assistance at times that the ARC is not normally open. In 28 years of work here on campus, I have not seen anybody who goes beyond his call to make things easier for our students."
Submitted by Gabriel Mendoza, Steve Garcia and Ali Saadat, ARC

December Elizabeth Cohen, Pam Rousseau, Dana Yang Administrative Assistants, Career Center

"Elizabeth has great people skills and we are fortunate to have her as one of our first contacts when our customers visit or call our Career Center. I have overheard her assisting new employers on how to register and post jobs on our web-site with such confidence and caring conversation that I never feel our customers are not in the best of care. Elizabeth is friendly and really does provide a smile with service. I am so very pleased she is part of our team.

"Pam provides excellent customer service to our students, our department, university community and our off- campus customers. Pam goes out of her way to help our customers. She is professional, friendly and reliable. She always shares additional information and services to our students. She spends extra time training our new peer students yearly. Pam is a pleasure to work with and a great part of the excellent service we provide at the Career Center!"

"What can I say about Dana, her work ethics are excellent! She really does work until the job is done. She sets daily goals for completing her assignments and even with the interruptions, she is very successful in completing her daily goals. Dana's responsibilities include payroll, travel, purchasing, web-recharges, cashier, deposits, reimbursements, etc. Dana became our main cashier and payroll assistant last year. Accountability is very important and she is honest and trustworthy. She has adapted to all of the changes and accepted the responsibility and the new online programs with confidence and ease (with no additional compensation). I have confidence in her abilities and I know she will always do what is right and fare for our department, staff and campus. She is professional and a pleasure to have as part of our Career Center."
Submitted by Deidre Goodwin, Career Center

January Joseph Martinez

Interim Coordinator for Campus Vitality and Highlander Bands Programs - Student Organization Advisor

“At the start of the new academic year, Student Life has operated with fewer staff members than in previous years. Having starting the year with multiple interim responsibilities, Joseph Martinez has been instrumental in leading the charge of campus vitality initiatives. This is important in helping reach out to students and getting them connected to our university and division. A lot of this was previously done by our former Assistant Dean of Students. A lot of this work requires coordinating division wide with multiple colleagues in order to raise awareness via Rside Weekly email coordination

As the academic year has begun, Joe has developed a timeline/time frame for when the staff of the Division of Student Affairs should submit their materials via a SharePoint document, in order to give every program widespread recognition. With this, he has crafted information carefully to then be used for promotion of all events on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, he has inspired many colleagues to use digital media and websites as points of access to further promote their own programs and resources. Division wide, this has become a new standardized practice, and his instructions to all staff have been crystal clear to provide a nice and clean outward facing marketing campaign to all undergraduate students. In addition, he has also engaged students to audition and serve as our university mascot, Scotty the Bear. He did so through a formal audition process and marketing.”
Submitted by Deepak Sharma, the WELL

February Sue Anderson

Staff Employment & Development Manager,
Former Staff Assembly President

“I’m not sure how to effectively share what an amazing leader Sue Anderson is in a few words, but in the interest of being succinct, here are my thoughts: Sue is the manager everyone should be fortunate enough to work for at least once in a career. She has high expectations, and provides a high level of support. She brings out the best in you and believes the best of you. She is an excellent role model of someone who cares about people and wants to help them grow and develop, whether serving in that role as a leader, manager, co-worker, training facilitator, volunteer, or friend. UCR has been fortunate to have Sue here, and I’ve been so blessed to work with her directly the last 7 years."
-Nancy Terry, HR

"If the University of California was looking for a staff member to represent them that embodied its mission and goals, if a department was looking to have a dedicated staff member who would take on any challenger and succeed, if you were looking a mentor, a friend, a trainer or a leader who would support you in efforts, everyone would be looking for the same individual. They would be looking for Sue Anderson."
- Andy Stewart, TAPS

"Sue trains others on how to be good managers, how to be an effective leaders, and how to value diversity. When instructing a group she instantly puts people at ease, gets them to open up and discuss their thoughts and opinions, all while imparting her experience and wisdom. She would not be as effective teaching these subjects if she did not exemplify these traits in her own role at UCR.
As a manager Sue always encourages the best from those under her. She allows us the opportunity to use our unique talents to contribute to the group. Being a part of her group we always feel comfortable knowing we can say what we feel and that our opinion matters. Sue is fearless in taking on new challenges and always encourages us to expand our horizons and follow our passions within our own jobs as well. Her warmth, her generosity, and openness are felt not only by those of us who work with her every day but in all her interactions across campus. When it comes to learning how to lead and how to be more productive in our time here at UCR, she is the example in which we all strive to follow."
- Lauren Cummings, HR

"When I first heard Sue Anderson’s name, in 2001, it was in the following context: “Sue Anderson is a star.” I had the privilege of meeting Sue shortly after that and realized that what I had heard was true. Throughout her career at UCR, Sue has illuminated the minds of staff members through the informative and beneficial training workshops she has facilitated. She has shone brightly in numerous roles on the UCR Staff Assembly, most notably as president. She has dazzled her fellow club members with her outstanding Toastmasters speeches. She has been brilliant as one who leads by example. Most importantly, to me, she has been a glowing example of a good friend. I will miss her, but wish her eternal success."
-Aaron Bushong, UCPATH

"There simply are not enough words to express how much Sue will be missed. Sue is a true believer in equality and helping people be the best they can be. She’s a true professional, an excellent manager and leader, a friend, a mentor, a problem solver, a supporter and is always there to offer positive encouragement. Her excellent leadership is one of a kind and something to be desired! While the campus has seen its share of ups and downs and we have seen many people come and go, her Staff and Development team has remained strong, positive, and willing to pull together to work through the most challenging times. This is nothing short than a reflection of Sue’s excellent leadership!
Her remarkable leadership doesn’t stop there though. Sue is also a reliable and excellent resource for many people here at UCR. I’ve seen many people and departments across campus reach out to Sue for guidance and support. She is well respected and trusted by many people. People that truly know what Sue is about feel comfortable with her and lean on her for her wealth of knowledge and her sincere desire to see all people succeed, grow and be happy at what they are doing. This is what drives her and what she loves to do.
She is humble, genuine and touches lives in ways that are truly unique. I myself don’t know how I would have gotten through some personal rough times and had to strength to come to work without her. You don’t find this quality in many people.
The positive impact she has made on me and so many other people throughout the campus is undeniable and something we are all going to miss.
Sue is truly irreplaceable and UCR is losing a shining star."
-Kim Grossmann, HR

"Sue is genuinely concerned about creating opportunities for staff and helping them become the best they can possibly be. She has a great sense of humor (need I mention the purple kool-aid?), infectious smile and I’m pretty sure, she’s never met a stranger (this woman seems to know EVERYONE!) Sue is an absolute gem and will be deeply missed by those of us here in her Riverside family but, we know that no matter what we ALWAYS have a friend! Best of luck to you, Sue, on your new chapter!
(P.S. WARNING…Any pictures of your “New office view” of the Pacific Ocean sent to the Riverside campus folks will officially be considered harassment-especially if sent during July, August or September in any given year!)"
-Sally Tavizon, GSOE

"Sue has been a manager for years, but she takes her job beyond managing. She sees her employees as more than just numbers, or as staff. She sees them as people with lives and concerns well beyond the office. She makes their mental well-being a priority because she understands that a person can't be a good employee if they are worried, stressed, upset, or sad. She wants you to be successful because a good manager and leader knows that developing your staff is one of the best ways to keep them engaged. She knows that people need a coach and a mentor, and has been both, but most of all, Sue has been a friend."
- Seana Nunez-Grider, HR


Shardai Williams

Graduate Medical Education Coordinator, School of Medicine

"Shardai has a natural uncanny ability to exceed expectations and excel above her line of duty. She actively works in tandem with the Graduate Medical Education Office to ensure that residency coordinators, graduate medical students, and the school of medicine are successful. Specifically she has been a key element in the implementation of policies that fortify residency programs curriculum and foster faculty development. She has effortlessly served as a vessel of information for faculty, staff and students alike. Her constant support for her team has enabled her to spend extra time to train, guide, and motivate. Shardai serves as an exemplary leader. It is difficult to narrow down a specific item that Shardai has achieved outside of her job description because she so often reaches outside of those bounds. Much of the coordination or organization in developing the graduate medical office is a result of her labor and dedication to the delivery of programs that positively impact our community. I have bared witness to the tirelessly efforts she has gone through to ensure success."
- Yesenia Fiacco, School of Medicine


Debbie Manlongat

Parking Services & Compliance Manager, Transportation and Parking Services

"Debbie consistently finds creative ways to effectively implement new policies and programs, some of which are quite unique in the parking industry. She recently developed procedures and eligibility criteria for implementing our new Visitor Parking Initiative, as well as policies for implementing our now year-old event rate structure in late 2012. In the past year, she has also taken over supervisory responsibility for our compliance function, and has been instrumental in implementing our more customer-oriented approach in this key area of the department. She also has led the implementation of our P2P Shuttle Service last April, and continues to make adjustments to continually improve the program. The bottom line for Debbie is that she always has a "can do" attitude, and finds a way to better serve the campus with a smile on her face and a strong commitment to performing high quality work."
- Greg Artman, director, Transportation and Parking Services

2012-13 Honorees

September Chris Castro Housing, Dining and Residential Services
October Lupe Gomez Custodian, A&I
November Julie Hull Housing, Dining and Residential Services
December Diane Thomas Dining Services
January Peggy Earley School of Medicine
February Ronda Crocker College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Lesley Martinez, Dawn Scott, and Allan Crosthwaite

Child Development Center

April Not Awarded  
May Alaxis Timothy College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

2011-12 Honorees

September Pete Vasquez Housing Services
October Jill Hishmeh Computing & Communications
November Luis Alvarez Dining & Residential Services
December Rachell Enriquez Biomedical Sciences
January Juan Rebollar Physical Plant
February Hassan Ghamlouch Housing Operations
March Viviane Baerenklau Registrar's Office
April Elane Sokoloski HUB Dining
May Vanessa Rocha Housing, Dining and Residential Services
June Gloria McGuire CHASS Student Academic Affairs

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