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Save Scotty - Escape Room and Fundraiser

Save Scotty Fundraiser

Do you have what it takes to save our beloved Scotty the Bear?

UC Riverside's beloved Scotty the Bear has been kidnapped. The evil Captain Grapefruit does not think the Highlanders are smart enough to free him in an hour.


Team Hinderescuers
School of Medicine – 47:10
Team Claustrophobia
Team The A-I Diners
Dining Services – 50:30
Team The A-I O-G's
Dining Services – 50:31
Team KC - Alumni
Alumni & Constituent Relations – 50:46
Team CECS Rock Stars
School of Medicine – 53:59
Team Hot Tamales
University Library – 56:59
Team SBS Pulse
Student Business Services – 59:15
Team The Finders
Dining Services – 59:19
Team P, BEA & J
Dining Services – 60:13
Team The A-I Newbies
Dining Services – 61:13
Team The Bear Hunters
School of Medicine – 61:16
Team SBS Heart
Student Business Services – 62:31
Team SBS 411
Student Business Services – 63:43
Team Spine Out
University Library – 70:28

Put together a team of five (5) to free Scotty in under an hour. A prize will be awarded to the team(s) with the fastest times at the end of the event.  Space is limited, so sign up before the slots are all gone!

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost to participate?
    • Cost is $20 per person with a minimum of 4 members per team and max of 5.
  • How do I (or my team) pay?
  • What are the dates and times of the event?
    • 2018 Fundraiser Date: TBD
    • Time is dependent on space availability and will be scheduled once registration and payment is complete.
  • Where is the escape room located?
    • It is part of the puzzle.  Registered teams will be notified when and where to meet to begin their adventure.
  • Could there be more than 5 people to a team?
    • Due to space limitations, group sizes are limited to 5 per team.
    • Multiple teams are allowed, but puzzle information must be kept strictly confidential.
  • Are students allowed to participate?
    • Faculty, staff and students are invited to participate, but puzzle information must be kept strictly confidential.

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