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The Society '54 Challenge is Coming!!!!

Are you able and willing to donate $54 over the course of one year to support the activities and programs of UCR Staff Assembly that benefit you and your fellow staff members? If so, then we need your help during the Society '54 Challenge.

The challenge runs for 54 days between March 28– May 21, and during that period we are hoping to get as many staff members as possible to become a member of Society '54.

Society '54 is made up of staff members like you who have chosen to give back and help their peers. All donations go to support UCR Staff Assembly's scholarship, assistance and general programs that benefit staff members in their times of greatest need, including assistance in purchasing food and gas during unexpected financial emergencies. Scholarships are also awarded to help staff members working to improve their skills, covering classes, books, certification tests and the like. Your contribution will make a big difference.

The majority of Society '54 members support Society '54 via automatic payroll deduction of just $4.50 per month. Donations by cash or check are also accepted. For more information, contact Wendy Wolfer.

Society ’54: Become a Member, Support Your Fellow Staff

Society ’54 is made up of staff members who have chosen to support the activities and programs of the UC Riverside Staff Assembly through automatic payroll deduction.

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Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Society ’54. The purpose of the program is a simple one – to help staff members give back and help their peers. Perhaps you enjoyed a Staff Assembly event, or received a scholarship or assistance yourself. Perhaps you just want to help others. Whatever your reason, your contribution can make a big difference.

Have a question? Feel free to send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Wendy Wolfer
Staff Assembly Director of Fundraising

How Do I Donate to Society ’54?

The easiest way is through payroll deduction. Download and print our payroll deduction form and send it in. Whatever amount you designate will be automatically deducted from your monthly paycheck. You may stop the donation at any time.

Send completed payroll deduction forms to: UC Riverside Foundation, 3148 Hinderaker Hall, MC122

You can also donate via cash or check. Please contact Wendy Wolfer for more information.

Where Does the Money Go?

All funds goes to support Staff Assembly’s scholarship, assistance and general programs. Put simply, your support benefits other staff members across campus.

What Are the Benefits of Joining Society ‘54?

Upon reaching the donation level of $54 in a given year, members will receive a participation certificate, a Society ’54 pin, as well as early entry to the annual Holiday Party. Other benefits may be added throughout the year.


Director of Fundraising
Wendy Wolfer

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