Giving to Staff Assembly

Giving to Staff Assembly provides staff members the opportunity to give back and help their peers. Perhaps you enjoyed a Staff Assembly event, or received a scholarship or assistance yourself. Perhaps you just want to help others. Whatever your reason, your contribution can make a big difference.

You can make a one-time contribution to Staff Assembly through the Advancement website or by printing and submitting this PDF form. You may also provide sustained support through our Society '54 payroll deduction program (more information on the program appears below).

Need more information?

Contact Jules Bernstein
Director of Fundraising
Tel: (951) 827-4580

Payroll Deduction Through Society '54

society 54

Society '54 is made up of staff members like you who have chosen to give back and help their peers. 

All funds go to support Staff Assembly’s scholarships, assistance, recognition awards, general meetings, outreach, social gatherings and general programs.

The majority of Society '54 members contribute at least  $4.50 per month via automatic payroll deduction, towards an annual contribution of at least $54 each year, though many contribute more. Donations by cash or check are also accepted.

To donate, please download and fill out the PDF form below and either hand it in at a Staff Assembly event or send it through campus mail directly to the UC Riverside Foundation, 1136 Hinderaker Hall, MC122

Questions? Please contact Director of Fundraising Jules Bernstein.

Download the Society '54 payroll deduction donation form