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    Staff Scholars: Are you a UCR staff member considering returning to school but don't know where to begin? Are you pursuing a degree of some kind while juggling your job at UCR? Did you complete your studies while working and find yourself eager to share your lessons? Then join the UCR Staff Scholars, a new Staff Assembly initiative that connects staff members balancing their careers with higher learning. The group meets monthly.

    Highlander Mentor Connection:  Co-sponsored by UC Riverside's Human Resources, Staff Assembly, LEAD (Leaders of Excellence and Distinction), and AMP (Academic Management Professionals), the Highlander Mentor Connection (HMC) provides UCR staff with professional development through peer-to-peer mentorship. This is a 10-week program open to all UCR staff, serving in the role of either a mentor or mentee. The 2023 program application deadline is January 12, 2023. The program begins on February 7, 2023 and concludes June 8, 2023. For questions, please email Download the 2023 flyer.

    LinkedIn Learning: Log into R’Space and click Authorized Apps to find LinkedIn Learning. Follow instructions to connect LinkedIn Learning with LinkedIn Profile. Formerly, Linkedin Learning is a training platform that offers video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills. 

    UCR Human Resources Employee and Organizational Development: UCR offers a wide variety of developmental programs to build job skills for the role you have and to foster the career we hope you develop. Programs extend to all segments of the workforce. Check out the many opportunities – classes and workshops, career programs, management development, UC systemwide programs, and certificate programs.  

    UCR Environmental Health and Safety Training eCourse Library : Online courses for learning about health and safety responsibilities. 

    UCR University Extension : UCR Extension provides professional certificate programs year-round. A professional certificate program is a sequence of courses that provides you with practical instruction to stay current with new development in your career field, qualify you for a new job, or provides the opportunity for advancement. 

    Google’s Matt Sakaguchi on Creating Effective Teams: Matt Sakaguchi of Google visited UCR on Thursday, May 23, 2019 to discuss Project Aristotle and his experiences and insights as a manager working with his own team to instill the findings and principles from this pilot program in the real world. Matt’s visit to UCR was cosponsored by UCR Staff Assembly, the Leaders of Excellence and Distinction (LEAD), and Administrative Management Professionals (AMP).

    Creator State Podcast: Stories of social innovation and entrepreneurship from California’s movers, shakers, change-makers, and creators. Brought to you by UC Riverside, each episode will celebrate success (and failure!), ingenuity, and the endless pursuit of knowledge. Tune in for bright ideas born from the Golden State – you’ll find inspiration whether you’re starting out or already on your way to creating something great. 

  • Additional Resources

    Gallup Podcast: Theme Thursday is a Gallup Webcast series that dives deep into the CliftonStrengths Themes, one theme at a time. Gallup experts and a panel of guests discuss how each theme impacts theme and manifests itself in life. 

    Franklin Covey Webcast series: Hosted by subject matter experts, these 60-minute webcasts highlight key concepts, demonstrate participant tools and resources, as well as implementation options for your organization). 

    Franklin Covey On Leadership Podcast: Weekly interviews, tools, articles, and podcasts to help you become a better leader. 

    Franklin Covey Leadership Tips: Designed to help new and existing leaders to succeed in their roles. This bite-sized content is ideal for leaders who don’t have the time for long-form content, but who still want to develop their skills and improve. 

    Vital Smarts Crucial Skills Blog: Receive expert instruction for achieving results in your personal and professional life. In addition to the Q&A responses from the authors, those who subscribe to the newsletter also receive weekly tips to improve their interpersonal relationships and leadership skills, crucial skills applications, insights from training experts and other thought leaders, and notice on events in their area. 

    Marcus Buckingham’s Leadership Blog:  New York Times bestselling author, strengths revolutionist, and global researcher Marcus Buckingham gives you everything you need to know about strengths, leadership, teams, and people & performance research. 

    The Positivity Solution Blog by Shola Richards: A blog focused on making positivity the new reality, in hopes of creating a more positive world at work, at home, and every place in between. 

    Leadership Development and 360 Feedback blog by Envisia Learning: A blog by Envisia Learning about leadership development, 360 degree feedback, and behavior change. 

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