Google's Matt Sakaguchi on Creating Effective Teams

Matt Sakaguchi on Google's Project Aristotle Team Building Research

Matt Sakaguchi of Google visited UC Riverside on May 23. 2019, to discuss Project Aristotle and his experiences and insights as a manager working with his own team to instill the findings and principles from this pilot program in the real world. A recording of the presentation is available at the top of this page.

Matt is a leading ambassador for Project Aristotle, on what makes an effective team. He consults and conducts sessions with numerous teams at Google, to enhance their performance, accelerate, and get them unstuck. He also teaches several classes, including Diversity and Inclusion, Bias Busting, the Fundamentals of Teamwork, Presentation Skills, and Coaching Conversations. He leads two teams in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), supporting the Android phone ecosystem, and the Google Play Store.

Matt's visit to UCR was cosponsored by UCR Staff Assembly, the Leaders of Excellence and Distinction (LEAD), and Administrative Management Professionals (AMP).